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Five conversations Walter and General Hammond had in the Gate room, G

Title: Five conversations Walter and General Hammond had in the Gate room
Author: goddess47
Word count: 1000
Rating/Warning: G
Spoilers: None
Prompt: 119. George and Walter. Waiting for the dial-in.

Note: Thanks to AnnieB for pimping this on her journal and to melagan for the quick beta


"Having a good day, Sergeant Harriman?" George Hammond walked into the observation room.

"Not bad, sir. Thank you for asking." Walter Harriman replied easily.

"Anything special going on at the moment?" Hammond asked.

"We don't expect anyone for the next couple of hours, according to the schedule." Walter checked the computer screen that had the schedule for incoming and outgoing gate teams on it.

"Good to know."

"Unscheduled off world activation."

"Who is it?" Hammond asked with a frown.

"I'm getting SG-9's IDC, sir." Walter reported.

Coming in hot! We have hostiles on our six! The chatter of gunfire could be heard over the comm.

"Open the shield, Sergeant. NOW!" Hammond ordered.

"Shield open, sir." Walter replied, moving quickly.

"Personnel in the gate room, be advised we have a team coming in under fire. Be prepared for incoming weapon fire. Take cover." Hammond said over the communication system to the gate room.

Boom! A blast shook the gate room.

A team of four backed one by one through the gate, the last two still firing into the event horizon.

"Shut down the gate, Walter!"

"Yes, sir." With a whoosh the gate closed and the shield went up.

The sudden silence in the gate room was disconcerting.

"Everyone okay down there?" Nods came from each member of the team. They handed their weapons off to the guards in the gate room. "Good! Debriefing in four hours."


"Afternoon, Sergeant Harriman!" George Hammond said.

"Afternoon, sir." Walter replied.

"Anything I need to know anything about?" Hammond asked.

"Just the usual, everything currently on schedule." Walter reported.

"Good to know." Hammond said.

"Unscheduled off world activation."

"Who is it?" Hammond asked, a concerned note in his voice.

"I'm getting IDC we gave to General Carter, sir." Walter reported, looking up for instructions.

"Open the shield." Hammond ordered. "I wonder what the Tokra wants."

"Shield open, sir." Walter replied.

"Jacob! Selmak! Welcome to the SGC. What can we do for you?" Hammond asked his old friend as he came down the ramp in front of the gate.

"We have news that you need to hear, George. We need to talk in private." Jacob Carter looked worried.

"Close the gate, Sergeant. Thank you!" Hammond hurried from the room.


"I thought you had the day off, Sergeant Harriman?" Hammond asked.

"Sergeant Matias' wife has gone into labor, I'm covering for him." Walter reported.

"Ah! Make sure they get a card, would you?" Hammond said with a smile.

"There's one ready to sign on your desk." Walter gave a small smile.

"Thank you for taking care of that. Anything special going on at the moment?" Hammond inquired.

"We don't expect anyone for the next couple of hours, according to the schedule." Walter looked at the list on the screen with the schedule.

"Good to know." Hammond replied.

"Unscheduled off world activation."

"Who is it?" Hammond asked.

"I'm getting SG-5's IDC, sir." Walter reported.

We have wounded and need a medic! Get a doc in the gate room! The voice was faintly panicked but in control.

"Open the shield, Sergeant. NOW!" Hammond commanded sharply.

"Shield open, sir." Walter worked quickly.

"Infirmary, this is General Hammond. Be advised we have a team coming in that is requesting immediate medical attention." Hammond called over the base communication system.

On our way came a female voice over the communicator.

He's bleeding out… we need help now! The voice had become more strident.

"Medical help is on its way!" Hammond assured him.

Running footsteps approached the gate room as the team came through the event horizon. Two team members were dragging a third, the fourth hurrying behind. The two men laid their team member on the floor of the gate room and Hammond could see the bright red blood staining the uniform.

"Dr. Lam is here, General." Walter reported.

The medical team went to work, getting the SGC team members to give way to the trained medical personnel. A back board was slid under the soldier on the floor and he heard Lam count On three to her team to get the soldier on the gurney to move him to the infirmary. The medical staff members guiding the gurney left at a run.

"Shut down the gate, Walter!" Hammond said gently.

"Yes, sir."

"Dr. Lam, a report as soon as you have time, please." Lam looked up from her quick check of the other team members and nodded at him.


"Sergeant Harriman, what are you doing here at this hour of the night?" Hammond asked quietly.

"Probably the same thing you are, sir." Walter gave a tired smile.

"I understand. Thank you for being here." Hammond replied.

"You're welcome, General."

"How overdue is SG-12 at this point?" Hammond knew the answer but asked anyway.

"Over twenty four hours, sir." Walter said.

"Have we sent a MALP through lately?" Hammond asked, like he hadn't read the steady stream of reports that had been coming from multiple departments in the SGC.

"About six hours ago. No sign of them, or any activity at all, in the area around the gate." Walter reported.

"Can we send a UAV?" Hammond asked.

"It's dark on the planet now and there's rain, so not at this point." Walter gave a small sigh.

"We'll give it four more hours and check the weather again." Hammond decided.

"Yes, sir."

"You could go home, you know." Hammond said gently.

"Thank you, sir. Think I'll hang around for a bit." Walter said gamely.

"I'll keep you company."

They sat together in the silence.


"Morning, Sergeant Harriman!" Hammond cheerfully greeted him.

"Morning, sir." Walter replied.

"Anything special going on today?" Hammond asked.

"Just the usual, everything currently on schedule."

"Good to know." Hammond checked the schedule.

"Unscheduled off world activation."

"Who is it?" Hammond asked.

"I'm getting SG-1's IDC, sir." Walter reported.

Hey, everyone, we'd like to come home! Jack O'Neill's voice came over the communicator.

"Open the shield." Hammond grinned.

"Shield open, sir." Walter said.

"You're early, but welcome home, SG-1." Hammond greeted the team as SG-1 came casually through the gate.
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