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SG-1 Friendship Ficathon
It's all about the friendship (when it's not about the hair)
Master list of prompts 
2nd-Jun-2011 01:21 pm
The prompts are listed by team member, in alphabetical order (more or less). Secondary character prompts, as well as prompts for three (or more) characters, are listed after the team member prompts.

Please remember that once you have released your prompt into the wild, it is at the mercy of the claimant. You can't influence or protest the way the author will choose to interpret and write your prompt... unless, of course, you choose to claim your own prompt and write it yourself!

Claiming a prompt.

Claim a prompt by replying to this post. The prompts have been numbered, so you may claim a prompt either by its number or by cutting and pasting the prompt into your comment.

Prompts are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a prompt has been claimed, another person cannot claim the same prompt. Claimed prompts will be confirmed by a reply comment and struck out by the mods on the master prompt list. If it takes a few hours, don't worry; comments aren't screened, so others can see that you've already claimed your prompt. As long as you're first to claim it, you'll get it.

The initial claims period will run for one week, until June 9. During that week, each person may claim one prompt only. You may start writing your story as soon as you've claimed your prompt.

After June 9, any unclaimed prompts may still be claimed - either by someone who has already completed their first prompt and wishes to do another, or by someone who has not yet joined the ficathon. Also, if you are having trouble with your ficathon story and would prefer to exchange your prompt for another, you may comment here to turn in your original prompt and claim a new one.

All participants of the ficathon must give us a working e-mail address. Comment at this screened post and leave us your e-mail, or e-mail us at sg1friendathon@gmail.com. We must be able to get in touch with you!

Stories are due on July 31. If, for some reason, you find that you cannot finish your story in time, let the mods know. You can e-mail us or leave a comment at the screened e-mail post.

If you're willing to be a backup writer, whether or not you are writing your own story for the ficathon, comment at the screened e-mail post with your e-mail address and what kind of stories you'd be willing to pinch-hit for us (classic team only, new team only, pre-series only, nothing to do with Jaffa, nothing to do with the NID).

Please spread the word to your flists and send us lots of good writers just like you! :)

1. Cam, Daniel. "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."
2. Cam, Daniel. My friends call me Daniel, early season 9.
3. Cam, Daniel. Initiation.

4. Cam, Jack. Herding cats.
5. Cam, Jack. Flyboys.

6. Cam, Sam. "You're worse than bickering siblings!"
7. Cam, Sam. At that breakfast Cam promised to buy her (in Avalon) when she got "back on solid ground."
8. Cam, Sam. Just a friendly wager or three.

9. Cam, Teal'c. Respect is earned, not given.
10. Cam, Teal'c. Spending downtime off-world.
11. Cam, Teal'c. Movies.

12. Cam, Vala. Being the new guys on the team.
13. Cam, Vala. "Congratulations. Now you really are one of us."
14. Cam, Vala. Cam takes Vala to meet his grandmother.

15. Cam, John Sheppard. Bonding over lemons.

16. Daniel, Jack (totally okay for Teal'c and/or Sam to be around too). The shock of finding the one thing upon which they both agree.
17. Daniel, Jack. "Nothing ever tastes like chicken, you know."
18. Daniel, Jack. Conversations on multiple levels.
19. Daniel, Jack. In an unpleasant situation.
20. Daniel, Jack. Instead of the botched op in East Germany and Daniel's parents' deaths, the Gamekeeper replays Daniel's fatal encounter from Serpent's Lair.
21. Daniel, Jack. Scenes from Shades of Grey: what Jack was TRYING to tell Daniel in that conversation.
22. Daniel, Jack. Shoot first, ask questions later.

23. Daniel, Jonas. AU in which Jonas stays on SG-1 after Daniel's return.
24. Daniel, Jonas. In his guise as Prior, Daniel visits Kelowna.

25. Daniel, Sam. Five times they have to pretend to be married and things get really awkward for SG-1.
26. Daniel, Sam. Five times they struggled to reconnect.
27. Daniel, Sam. Funny, you said that in the last universe I was in, too.
28. Daniel, Sam. Hair products.
29. Daniel, Sam. Late at night, the scientists of the SGC play Quake.
30. Daniel, Sam. Living together because either of their apartments is unusable.
31. Daniel, Sam. Living up to your parents.
32. Daniel, Sam. Motorcycle lessons.
33. Daniel, Sam. Playing pranks on Teal'c.
34. Daniel, Sam. Shoot first, fix things later.
35. Daniel, Sam. Shooting up the gateroom in Cold Lazarus.
36. Daniel, Sam. Wonder Twins offworld.
37. Daniel, Sam. Paradise Lost AU: When Jack is lost with Maybourne, Sam finds something of Daniel's and she yells at it (in place of) him, berating him for not being here to help her find the Colonel.

38. Daniel, Teal'c. Early season 1: the first time they put aside anger/guilt and tried friendship.
39. Daniel, Teal'c. "To be honest, I've had more successful conversations with dogs."
40. Daniel, Teal'c. Egypt.
41. Daniel, Teal'c. Exploration on Earth and/or on Chulak.
42. Daniel, Teal'c. Outsiders because they're not Air Force.

43. Daniel, Vala. Artifacts taken from dig = loot?
44. Daniel, Vala. Cloak and dagger.
45. Daniel, Vala. Time loops, but only one remembers the loops.
46. Daniel, Vala. Stealing a ship together.

47. Daniel, Anise. Undercover archaeology mission.
48. Daniel, Bra'tac. Wisdom.
49. Daniel, Paul Davis. Sharing crappy experiences over beers.
50. Daniel, Robert Rothman. Pre-series.
51. Daniel, Sarah Gardner. Set after she is de-Goa'ulded (so after Chimera), Daniel checking up on her.
52. Daniel, Sarah Gardner. Three years after Osiris, they work together at the SGC.
53. Daniel, Skaara. Good brothers getting into trouble.
54. Daniel, Skaara. Language lessons.
55. Daniel, Thor. Daniel asks Thor about Heliopolis.

56. Jack, Jonas. Defining respect.
57. Jack, Jonas. Guilt as a common experience.

58. Jack, Sam. "With all due respect, sir."
59. Jack, Sam. Competitive mini golf.
60. Jack, Sam. Dress uniforms.
61. Jack, Sam. Learn to be a leader.
62. Jack, Sam. Paperwork.
63. Jack, Sam. Sam is secretly an expert at barbecuing.
64. Jack, Sam. The joys of making things go *boom*
65. Jack, Sam. Yet another misogynic planet.

66. Jack, Teal'c. "For this you can stay at my place!"
67. Jack, Teal'c. "You said you would show me your planet."
68. Jack, Teal'c. After the events of Talion.
69. Jack, Teal'c. Flying Goa'uld ships vs. Earth ships.
70. Jack, Teal'c. Jack uses Teal'c's experiences as a general (AKA First Prime) to solve a problem.
71. Jack, Teal'c. Sparring in the gym.
72. Jack, Teal'c. Tabloid magazines.

73. Jack, Vala. Jack has his inside source on SG-1.
74. Jack, Vala. Missing scene from The Shroud
75. Jack, Vala. So many different kinds of cake.
76. Jack, Vala. Waiting

77. Jack, George Hammond. After Jack's promotion to Homeworld Security.
78. Jack, George Hammond. It's only the beginning of the adventure.
79. Jack, Jacob Carter. "Done some damn distasteful things for our country."
80. Jack, Janet. Cassie problems.
81. Jack, Maybourne. Five AUs where they get along.
82. Jack, Catherine Langford. A secret conversation after the Stargate movie.
83. Jack, Colonel Reynolds. "We make mistakes, people die."
84. Jack, Sha're. Common ground.

85. Jonas, Sam. Pop culture exchange.
86. Jonas, Sam. The science behind The Weather Channel.

87. Jonas, Teal'c. How not to act like an alien.
88. Jonas, Teal'c. Joy in firsts.

89. Jonas, Vala. Rescue from the Ori.

90. Jonas, Nyan. Sharing the burden of their first bad experiences with SG-1.
91. Jonas, Sha're. Home.

92. Sam, Teal'c. A better understanding of Jaffa culture.
93. Sam, Teal'c. Being grownups.
94. Sam, Teal'c. First time Teal'c deals with Sam being a female warrior.
95. Sam, Teal'c. Outtakes from Unending.
96. Sam, Teal'c. Prom night for Cassie
97. Sam, Teal'c. SG-1 during 50 years of Unending. Supporting her through the beginning stages of learning the cello.
98. Sam, Teal'c. Watching the Jack and Daniel show.

99. Sam, Vala. Girls' night out.
100. Sam, Vala. Saving the guys.
101. Sam, Vala. That one time when Vala saved Sam's life (that Sam doesn't like to talk about).

102. Sam, Janet. 2010 AU. Sam's wedding day to Joe Faxon, and Janet is matron of honor.
103. Sam, Janet. Cassie's first birthday.
104. Sam, Janet. Girls night out, post Hathor.
105. Sam, Janet. Is it wrong for movies to be more fun when you can mock the science?
106. Sam, Janet. Sam asks Janet for training in medical procedures.
107. Sam, Janet. The men just don't get it.

108. Sam, Bra'tac. Gender roles.
109. Sam, Carolyn. Of Dads and Generals
110. Sam, Cassie (including Janet is cool, too). How the Saturday morning chess ritual got started.
111. Sam, Cassie. Remembering Janet.
112. Sam, Elizabeth Weir (set when Weir ran the SGC). Women in leadership.
113. Sam, Jennifer Hailey. Collaboration.
114. Sam, Martouf. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
115. Sam, Sha're. (AU where Sha're lives). Saving the guys.
116. Sam, Sha're. Getting to know you.
117. Sam, Thor. Dumb ideas.

118. Teal'c, Vala. A quest for adventure.
119. Teal'c, Vala. Flirting between friends.
120. Teal'c, Vala. In search of the jello filled ring where Tauri do combat.
121. Teal'c, Vala. It's all fun and games.

122. Teal'c, Bra'tac. AU of Changeling. When Bra'tac finds out he has kidney problems.
123. Teal'c, Bra'tac. Coping with a weakness in Tretonin.
124. Teal'c, Lya. Watching Star Wars together.
125. Teal'c, Sha're. Star Wars
126. Teal'c, Thilana. Leading through example

127. Vala, Carolyn. Tag-teaming Landry.
128. Vala, Cassie (Sam optional). Road trip.
129. Vala, Cassie. Earth girls have it easy.
130. Vala, Cassie. Oooh shiny!
131. Vala, Cassie. The best things about Earth.

132. George Hammond and Janet Frasier. A missing scene from Urgo
133. George Hammond, Jacob Carter. "Have the courage to live. Anyone can die."
134. George Hammond, Jacob Carter. Over beers, two old friends discuss "the good old days" and the joys of fathering a daughter (Suggested time frame - when George's daughter gets married and Sam Carter is either in Washington or the Gulf War.)
135. George Hammond, Jacob Carter. The first time they met.
136. George Hammond, Paul Davis. Five times SG-1 sent them scrambling for the aspirin.

137. Jacob, Martouf. At cross-purposes with their symbiotes.
138. Jacob, Selmak. No breathing space.
139. Jacob, Bra'tac. On the outside looking in.

140. Janet Frasier and Carolyn Lam. (AU where Janet lives). Working on saving the world affected by the Ori plague.
141. Janet Frasier, Carolyn Lam. Ripple Effect.
142. Janet Frasier, Martouf. Ripple Effect AU team, teammates.
143. Janet Frasier, Sha're. Practicalities

144. Sha're, Bra'tac. "There are three kinds of people. Those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move." (Ben Franklin)
145. Sha're, Cassandra. Ice Cream.
146. Sha're, Skaara. Reunion.

147. Gairwyn and Kendra. First meeting.
148. Thor and Lya. Remembering the alliance of the Four Races.
149. Hank Landry, Carolyn Lam. Five times they waited for an overdue SG-1.
150. Cassandra, Loren (from The Light). The kids "from Toronto" forge a friendship.
151. Nyan and Robert Rothman. Scenes together during Crystal Skull.
152. Pete Shanahan, Mark Carter. How it came about that Mark fixed Sam up with his friend.
153. Pete Shanahan, Mark Carter. How Mark and Pete got to be friends.

154. Sam, Teal'c, Vala. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.
155. Cam, Daniel, Teal'c. Boys' night out. Set after Sam goes to Atlantis. How to ditch Vala without hurting her feelings too badly.
156. Daniel, Sam, Teal'c. Post-season 8, still crazy after all these years.
157. Daniel, Vala, Zelenka. Faulty system.
158. Daniel, Jack, Sam. Blue jello.
159. Daniel, Jack, Teal'c. Jello wrestling.
160. Jack, Sara O'Neill + Agent (from Honduras in Evolution& Hilary Burke. Back when Jack and Burke were on a team together with Woods and still friends.
161. Sam, Vala, Carolyn, Cassie (and any other assorted female characters), Hathor isn't released until much later in the series.
162. Jack, George Hammond, Hank Landry. Passing the torch.
163. George Hamond, Jacob Carter, and Bra'tac. Late season 7/early season 8. Our kids are grown up.

164. Classic Team (& others if you wish). The world ends, but they're still fighting for another day (apocafic).
165. Classic Team, Elizabeth Weir. SG-1 takes Elizabeth out to dinner to thank her for her support and wish her well with Atlantis.
166. Classic Team. Best friends.
167. Classic Team. Five times Teal'c owned everyone else [insert board game(s) of choice].
168. Classic Team. How they complement each other.
169. Classic Team. Random conversations during night watches/in tents off-world.
170. Team (any). "Every five years or so I look back on my life and I have a good laugh." (Indigo Girls, Watershed)
171. Team (any). Daniel's piano.
172. S10 Team. A team night out.
2nd-Jun-2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
Whee! 157 for you.
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