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SG-1 Friendship Ficathon
It's all about the friendship (when it's not about the hair)
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5th-Nov-2013 11:54 am - 2013 Ficathon Frenzy master list
sam jack genfic
Here's the list of contributions to this year's Ficathon Frenzy, in alphabetical order by title:

Once Upon a Ha'tak, by campylobacter. Daniel and Vala.

The Pool, by maria_priest. George and Walter.

The Study of Man, by marzipan77. Daniel and Lya.

Two Wrongs, No Right, by sg_wonderland. Daniel and Steven Raynor.

If you missed the master list for the regular ficathon, you'll find it here.

With that, the 2013 sg1friendathon draws to an official close. We had a great turnout and lots of wonderful stories. Thanks again to all the participants who made this such a success, and to my fellow mod, Suzannemarie, especially for stepping up while I was away. If you archive your stories on AO3, Suzannemarie has set up a collection for the ficathon where you can link your stories.

Here's to SG-1 fandom, friendship, and gen squee!
3rd-Nov-2013 10:30 pm - Once Upon a Ha'tak, by campylobacter

TITLE: Once Upon a Ha'tak
AUTHOR: [personal profile] campylobacter
BETA READER: oceania
RATING: PG-13/Teens
CATEGORY: Gen; Alternate Universe; crack fairy tale
CHARACTERS: Samantha Carter, Qetesh, Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Jack O'Neill
SPOILERS/TIMELINE: transition from Classic Team to New Team (Seasons 8, 9 & 10)
PROMPT: #29 Daniel and Vala. She first and foremost wanted to be his friend.

SUMMARY/PREMISE: Once upon a time, there was an astrophysicist & her 3 teammates...
NOTE: Stargate SG-1 vs the Brothers Grimm version of Beauty & the Beast. For the 2013 [community profile] sg1friendathon Frenzy.
29th-Oct-2013 10:31 pm - Two Wrongs, No Right
Title: Two Wrongs, No Right
Author: Sg Wonderland
Rating: Gen
Prompt. Daniel and Steven Raynor. Daniel talks to Raynor after he wakes up after surgery.

Two Wrongs, No RightCollapse )

28th-Oct-2013 11:35 am - The Pool, by maria_priest
Title: The Pool
Author: maria_priest
Rating: Gen; Season 1
Prompt: George and Walter. The office pool.

The PoolCollapse )
27th-Oct-2013 01:57 pm - Ficathon Frenzy instructions post
It's been a fabulous 2013 SG-1 Friendathon. Perhaps you didn't take a prompt for the ficathon and have thought of something you wanted to write. Perhaps you had ideas for one (or more) of the prompts, but didn't have 1,000 words to say about it. Well the Ficathon Frenzy is here to fill the void. It's the final lightning round opportunity to write a friendship fic of any length and post it here on the comm for everyone to enjoy.

Here's how it works: go back to the original prompt post and browse through the unclaimed prompts. There well over 100 of them! Prompts that are struck through were claimed and used in the ficathon itself; those are unavailable for the Frenzy. Anything else is fair game.

If you choose to write a prompt, you don't have to claim it. Just go ahead and write! Even if five different people write a fic about Jack and Teal'c and tabloids, or Sam and Janet on a girls' night out, we'll be happy to accept them all. There is no minimum word count, and you can interpret the prompt as broadly as you'd like. There's no maximum word count either. The only requirement is that the story must be gen.

The Ficathon Frenzy will run from October 28 through November 3rd. During that week, you may post to the comm as often as you'd like, with as many ficlets as you'd like.

Please use the following template:under the cut.Collapse )

The idea of the Ficathon Frenzy is to have fun -- the more, the merrier! We hope you'll all post signal boosts in your own journals to spread the word. Here's hoping the Frenzy will be as successful as the ficathon itself. :)

Submissions to the comm will remain screened until the 28th, so if you've got a ficlet you want to submit, feel free to post to the comm now. We'll release everything from the queue when the Ficathon Frenzy goes live.
26th-Oct-2013 02:03 pm - 2013 sg1friendathon Master List
For those of you who have not had a chance to read the stories from this year's friendathon, here's a handy one-stop spot for links to all of the fics. For those of you who have read the stories from this year's friendathon, here's a handy one-stop spot for rereading all of these wonderful fics.

If I have inadvertently mislinked, misidentified, or just plain missed any stories, please let me know so that I can make the correction.

Index of storiesCollapse )

Our hearty and heartfelt thanks to all of the writers who contributed such amazing stories. Our thanks also go out to the readers who make this all so fun. If you have more to say, or if you would like a chance to play along, keep your eye on this community. The official post for the ficathon frenzy will go up sometime tomorrow. The frenzy itself will run for a week, starting on Monday. You have one more opportunity to get your words out--and we hope you do!
25th-Oct-2013 09:11 am - One Chapter Closes, by suzannemarie
Title: One Chapter Closes
Author:: suzannemarie
Word Count: 2458
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set between season 8 and season 9
Prompt: 69. Jack and Cassie. the colonel consoles Cassie when the dog dies.

Summary:: The hardest part of having a pet is the inevitable goodbye at the end. When the day comes for Cassie and her dog, Jack is there for her.

One Chapter Closes
14th-Oct-2013 01:06 pm - Depth Perception by Jb
Title: Depth Perception
Author: Jb (sg1jb)
Word count: ~ 27,200
Rating/Warning: PG; no warnings
Spoilers: minor mention of events in s4 Exodus and s5 Threshold
Prompt: #25: Daniel and Sam. Wonder Twins save the day in ways big and/or small

Depth Perception

23rd-Oct-2013 02:45 pm - My Fellow Friendathoners
We are approaching the end of the 2013 sg1friendathon. I hope all of you have been having as much fun as we have.

By the weekend, we will have cleared all stories currently remaining in the queue. This means that the few of you (and I think you know who you are) who missed the October 1 deadline still have a precious 48 hours or so to put finishing touches on whatever you may be working on. (There's no judgment being passed on anyone who has not or cannot finish. We've all run into stories or life situations that just won't cooperate.)

Once all stories have been cleared, I will be posting a master list for easy referral to all of the wonderful stories that have been submitted. After that, we will close the friendathon with a week long ficathon frenzy. This will be a free-for-all chance to tackle any unclaimed prompts with quick little (or long if you're a fast writer) stories. To whet your appetite, here's a link to how it worked last time. Perhaps you wish to look over the prompts and do some advance pondering. This is just a heads up for those of you who like to plan your spontaneity--please wait to submit any frenzy offerings until I've put up the official call for them a few days from now.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and participation so far. It's been a joy--with more to come. :)
11th-Oct-2013 11:10 pm - Not Even Tuesday, By Sally M
Title: Not Even Tuesday
Author: Sally M (sallymn)
Word count: 4010
Rating/Warning: G, no warnings needed
Spoilers: none
Prompt: 5. Cam and Jack. Herding cats.

Not Even Tuesday
Title: Two Things Sam and Janet Don't Have in Common (and One Thing They Do)
Author: holdouttrout
Word count: 1300
Rating/Warning: General, no warnings
Spoilers: None
Prompt: 92. Sam and Janet. They have a lot in common (besides Cassie).
Notes: Written for the 2013 sg1friendathon. My thanks to sg_fignewton for the beta.

Two Things Sam and Janet Don't Have in Common (and One Thing They Do)
6th-Oct-2013 12:03 pm - Just Like Always, by dragonfly
Boys are Back
Title: Just Like Always
Author: dragonfly (dragonfly_sg1)
Word count: 2983
Rating/Warning: Rated K/No warnings.
Spoilers: Mentions of "Heroes"
Prompt: Daniel and Jack. Reminiscing.

Just Like Always
1st-Oct-2013 05:47 pm - Needle gauge (PG)
Stargate - Janet - Dr. Napoleon
Title: Needle Gauge
Author: crazedturkey
Word count: 1, 706
Rating/Warning: PG, no warnings
Spoilers: none
Prompt: 73. Jack and Janet. "Is it my imagination, or did that needle just get larger?"

Needle Gauge at my fic journal
1st-Oct-2013 12:45 am - Fic: Coffee Keeps Everyone Sane
Wing Zero
Title: Coffee Keeps Everyone Sane
Author: Spyridon aka lord_spyridon
Word count: 2,722 words
Rating/Warning: Teen
Spoilers: Just brief mentions of events in Season 8
Prompt: 21. Daniel and Sam. "The base is under lock-down, and there is no more coffee?"

"Coffee Keeps Everyone Sane" at my livejournal
30th-Sep-2013 11:12 pm - Without This Soul by GateGremlyn
Title: Without This Soul
Author: GateGremlyn
Word count: ~3000
Rating/Warning: PG for some bad language, serious content
Spoilers:1.19 Tin Man, 4.21 Double Jeopardy
Prompt: Daniel and Jack: What did you do this time?

“What did you do this time?”

“What did I do? What did I do? What I usually do, Jack, and what you seem to have so much trouble letting me do. My job.” Daniel stared at them, unblinking.

“I've never had any trouble letting you do your job as long as you don't do things that get us into trouble.” Jack shook the bars of the cell to illustrate his point. “So what did you do this time?”

“You know, since I'm on the outside of the bars and you're on the inside, maybe you're asking the wrong question.”

“Whatever. Just open the door and get us out of here.”

Daniel stepped back and smiled. “No, I don't think I will.” The door behind him slid open and Daniel slipped through....

Without This Soul
1st-Oct-2013 04:01 am - Worth A Thousand Words, by Thothmes
Title: Worth A Thousand Words
Author: Thothmes
Word count: 2,256
Rating/Warning: One very grumpy General, inbound. Make a hole! Oh. That. PG, I guess.
Spoilers: mini-call backs to Within The Serpent’s Grasp and Fair Game
Prompt: 33. Jack and Sam. Advice upon becoming a full bird.

Worth A Thousand WordsCollapse )
14th-Oct-2013 03:13 pm - Today's fic...
teamy goodness
... is Sid's Friendly Fire. Cam and Daniel.
30th-Sep-2013 09:32 pm - Triage
Title: Triage
Author: aelfgyfu_mead
Word count: 5400
Rating/Warning: G
Spoilers: Solitudes
Prompt: 90. Sam and Janet. After Antarctica, Sam asks for more medical training.
Summary: Sam and Janet review medical procedures—and what happened in Antarctica.

TriageCollapse )
12th-Oct-2013 09:11 am - Today's friendathon entry
is available on Dreamwidth. Accidentally on Purpose
30th-Sep-2013 09:04 pm - Digging in Dirt, by Sally M
stargate 17, history 7, daniel 4, sg1 11

Title: Digging in Dirt
Author: Sally M (sallymn)
Word count: 1900
Rating/Warning: G, no warnings needed
Spoilers: none, but set after Menace
Prompt: 59. Daniel and Freya-Anise. Ruins.

Digging in Dirt

30th-Sep-2013 03:30 pm - Time It Was, by Maria Priest

Title: Time It Was
Author: maria_priest
Word count: ~7,530
Rating/Warning: Gen; no warnings
Spoilers: 15 eps from Seasons 1-8
Prompt: Jack and Teal'c. They'd both seen too much to be innocent.

Time It WasCollapse )
Geek God
Title: Snake Wrangling 101
eilidh17 and dennydj
Word Count: 5,672
Rating/Warning: Rated: Gen.  Attempted humor.  References to past relationships.
Spoilers: None.  Story set just after Daniel descends in season 7
Prompts: Jack and Daniel - A) Do you always have to touch everything alien we find?  B) Well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into.

Story can be found here:

eilidh17 - Snake Wrangling 101
dennydj - Snake Wrangling 101

Enjoy :)
30th-Sep-2013 07:11 am - Almost Stranger by Lyn
Title: Almost Stranger
Author: Lyn alynt
Word count: 1,650
Rating/Warning: G
Spoilers: Fallen
Prompt: Team. Rediscovering each other in Season 7.

AlmostCollapse )
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